A lot has changed since the technologies we used at the beginning of our journey to space. But the one thing that hasn’t changed at all is the curiosity. This is the essential source of our development.
In the GUHEM Journey to Space section, you’ll find previously used rockets, space capsules, current rocket technologies and much more.
Mercury 7 and Vostok 1 Space Capsules are at GUHEM
Would you want to experience space capsules that we used for human spaceflights throughout history?
Taking Off
to Tomorrow
At GUHEM you can see the six large-scale rocket replicas and graphic displays of rocket types and models used around the world throughout history.
Own Rocket
  • Meet FALCON 9
    In rocket models section, learn about Falcon 9 rocket technology which makes it reusable after burning.
  • Effects of G-Forces
    Do you know the tests that astronauts have to take before space travel?
  • Roketsan
    Explore the Roketsan section where you can find all the information of Turkish indigenous and national rocket technologies.

Get ready for your space journey with a spacecraft-like elevator.