This is where the human instinct to produce and share is combined with the opportunities of technology and turned into an example.

In the Innovation Laboratory at GUHEM, we provide infrastructure and craftsmanship for entrepreneurs of the future to help local technology startups arise, grow and open to the world market.

In Innovation Laboratory, we work on the development and effectuation of the ideas and designs created by creative minds. We offer people working in different disciplines with the common goal of creating and producing, the opportunity to transform ideas into design and design into final products with the physical and digital prototyping tools in our high-tech laboratory.

Let’s build your project together. Let’s produce your designs together. Let’s realize your ideas. We aim at raising awareness about the development and production of national technologies, and supporting concrete studies. You can take your place at Teknofest by benefiting from all the opportunities at GUHEM.

In Space Innovation Laboratory, you can find

  • - Pneumatic and Electro pneumatic Systems - Hydraulic and Electrohydraulic Systems
  • - PLC: Programmable Logic Controller
  • - Mechatronics Production Equipment
  • - KUKA Industrial Robot Arm and Assembly Station - Process Control Set
  • - Conveyor Belts
  • - EBH Laser Cutting and Engraving Machine
  • - Festo Mobile Robot: Robotino
  • - Krypton 7 Educational Robot (1024 Parts)
  • - High Performance Computers - Ultimaker 3D Printers