Simulators are at
GUHEM Aviation Academy

Everything begins with a dream…

We designed this training for the children where dreams meet with cockpits and wings…

When we see the wings soaring silently in the sky, we all picture ourselves inside the plane looking down or in the cockpit. And now when we see the excitement in their little eyes, the first plane imitation they made with their arms open, we understand that it is worth everything.

Airplanes and aviation is a childhood dream for every adult. With the Aviation Training Program for Children at GUHEM Aviation Academy, we support the pilots, cabin attendants, and maintenance mechanics of the future who want to follow their dreams. We widen the horizon; we give them what they dream of.

    How Do Airplanes Fly?
    We practically teach the basic principles of flight with various interactive experimental setups, replicas, and real models. Through these models, children can experience the flight principles and control mechanisms on their own. They learn basic flying principles through aerodynamic studies and build their own planes.
    Anatomy of Airplanes!
    With professional, three-dimensional virtual flight simulators, children have the opportunity to see and examine the aircraft sections, from galley to cargo section, from engines to landing gear, which are not easy to see and examine in real life.
    A Flight Adventure!
    Children who learn the basic flight principles, have an amazing flight experience by taking off on their own flight route and by using flight control systems with simulators.

Flight Academy consists of three rooms, and each room has its own training module.

  • Trainees start the program with a briefing just outside the Flight Academy entrance.
  • Then they are paired up in teams of two for their journey across three modules.
  • Trainees learn the basic aviation concepts, continue to plan and prepare the airplane for a flight, and finally apply their knowledge and preparation to a virtual reality flight.