In GUHEM Aviation Gallery, you can learn a lot about the flight techniques and sence of flying in interactive experience areas while studying flight technology developments throughout the history. You will also have the opportunity to closely examine the pilotage, cabin and tail sections of a real-scale AIRBUS A320 aircraft in the aviation gallery.

Working principles of hot air balloons, inspiring information about anatomy of birds and biomimicry, the latest flight technologies, Wingsuit, drone technology and much more are waiting for you in the 'Discover Aviation' section.

Anatomy of an Airplane
Are you curious about working principles of an airplane? The answer is in GUHEM
The engine is a complex system consists of many small parts such as cylinders, fans and pistons. The aircraft engine parts work together to produce an aircraft's electrical power and propulsion.
Landing Gears
Landing gears consist of very durable shock struts that connect the wheels to the body, shock absorbers which are spring-like structures used to reduce the severity and effect of jolts and vibrations during landing and take-off, and wheels.
Wings are the parts that are attached to both sides of the fuselage, provide lift force with air flow and enable the plane to fly. While the top of the wings is more curved, the lower parts are more flat.
The fuselage is a major aircraft component that connects the main parts of the aircraft, including the cockpit, where the pilot controls the aircraft, and the passenger compartment.
The tail is located at the very back of aircraft and helps with balance. It has two main components called the rudder, which contributes to the right and left direction of the aircraft, and the elevator, which helps the up and down movement.
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Have you ever entered the cockpit of the AIRBUS A320 before?
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The adventure of humankind dreaming of flying by emulating birds.
In GUHEM, you can see the inspiring stories of the exploration of flying by examining the anatomical structures of birds, and the biomimicry method that has shaped current technology.
A journey that extends over from history of aviation to current technologies in GUHEM.