Our motivation,

We believe that learning is a lifelong adventure. In this program, under the supervision of our experts we offer applied trainings with inquiry-based experiences and tools. We change the way of learning by encouraging productivity, research and individual discoveries.
With our programs and exhibitions that are especially designed for all age groups and interests, we address visitors from the ages of 3 to 93.
We offer training programs related to school subjects and programs for student groups.

In Space and Aviation fields,

If you are a science enthusiast, teacher, parent, student or a professional developer, we have unique sources for you at GUHEM.

For society,

  • Bringing science and people from all ages together,
  • Giving the opportunity to join in science,
  • Developing the imagination by presenting the science with technology,

For scientific literacy,

  • Improving scientific thinking and perception,
  • Linking science and daily life together,
  • Encouraging experimentation and discovery,
  • Facilitating experiential and applied learning,
  • Providing the ability to understand and examine scientific theories and principles,

To Learn,

  • Out-of-school learning: Training programs suitable for school programs
  • Interactive exhibition tours with science communication experts
  • Academic training programs,
  • Interactive learning circles,
  • Thematic events.

Our training programs mainly consist of Space Studies, Astronomy and Aviation.